We Are iamJ3

iamJ3 was started in 2012 out of Brent & Ashlee's wait for a referral to bring their daughter home from Ethiopia. They began their adoption in March of 2011 and submitted their paper work to Ethiopia in October of 2011. They began to ask what can they could do while they waited to bring their child(ren) home.  

In early 2012 they started iamJ3, and spent a year promoting other organizations that were supporting orphans and widows.  They started searching the internet, talking with family and friends, and trying to find out and get close to anything that was about adoption.  What they found was so much more.  This was bigger than them, bigger than their adoption.  In early 2013 they changed directions to orphan care locally and globally.  

In November of 2013 Ben and Chrissy Scoogin joined iamJ3.  Ben and Chrissy are foster and adoptive parents through Davidson County DSS. They have always had a heart for adoption but didn't know where to begin. After researching and talking to friends, they landed on the idea of foster care.  At that point they knew adoption may or may not happen but foster care was the path the Lord was calling them to. This was their way to shine His light in the darkness of their community. They have been foster parents since 2012.

Ben and Chrissy had no idea how their first call for a placement would change their lives forever, as that little boy has now been adopted as their son. They have also provided a home for many other children through fostering and respite care. Ben and Chrissy are trying to bring awareness to the need for more foster homes by speaking at churches and DSS events. They are so excited to be a part of iamJ3 and their hearts for orphan care in their community and all over the world.