America World Adoption agency

America World is one of the top agencies in the US.  This is the agency brent and ashlee used to adopt their son from ethiopia.  

When Brent and Ashlee first started talking about adoption they went and ate dinner with some friends who had used AWAA, they recommended that Brent and Ashlee look up awaa.  That night when brent and ashlee returned home they looked awaa up and started their adoption from ethiopia.

awaa were very helpful in all phases of the adoption.  We look forward to partnering with AWAA for years to come.

show hope

Show Hope is a huge part of our adoption!  They gave us a very generous grant, that will be held until we get our referral.  Steve & Mary Beth Chapman's story of adoption is messy and beautiful.  Their heart is for the orphan and do so much to help them and the families who are adopting.  If you are adopting, you need to check them out and apply for a grant. Thank You Show Hope!

Show Hope is a ministry that enables individuals and communities to change the world for orphans by not only addressing a child's need for food, shelter, care and spiritual nourishment, but by also addressing the root issue for an orphan: the lack of a family.

STUCK is a new award-winning documentary film, produced by Both Ends Burning that uncovers the personal, real-life stories of children and parents navigating a rollercoaster of bureaucracy on their journeys through the international adoption system, each filled with hope, elation -- and sometimes heartbreak.

We traveled to Washington, D.C. in May of 2013 to join Both Ends Burning and the "Un"Stuck movement.  While there we met with Senator Richard Burr's Staff who handles international adoption and Congresswoman Virginia Foxx's staff.  We discussed with them our concerns with international adoption specifically in Ethiopia.  We also participated in the Step Forward for Orphans March.  

We believe and agree with Both Ends Burning that, "Growing up in a family is a child’s most basic human right. Today that basic human right is denied, in many cases, simply due to a dysfunctional adoption system. Both Ends Burning works to protect and advocate for the rights of orphaned children in an effort to minimize the devastating effects of institutionalization, while stressing the importance of protecting birth parents and ensuring that proper safeguards are in place for the child(ren).   

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